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“Richard was the British blade that cut through the state of US radio and TV in the 80's. He personally supported me when many others didn't believe or couldn't accept the new sounds and styles of fashion and music pouring out from the bruised and battered psyche of young people in those days. Richard has gone on to a varied and long lasting career that still evokes the era we all came from, all power to him and long may he rock on.”

Billy Idol


"If you ever painted your face white and wore your clothes black, you will devour Richard Blade’s every word.  He is as important to New Wave music as Benjamin Franklin was to kites."

Jimmy Kimmel


“I just want to say thank you, Richard Blade, you been with us since the beginning and since those magic moments in the Magic Castle, and you're a face that I always look forward to seeing when I come to Los Angeles.  Can't wait to read about Duran Duran in your book and I hope you're with us a lot longer.”

Simon Le Bon - Duran Duran


“If you're interested in 80s music and the people who made it, you won't find anyone who knows more than Richard Blade. He's the Dick Clark of the 80s. God, he knows more about MY music than I do! Richard's taste shaped the American music scene and his passion fueled ours listening to him. I applaud him for his heart, wit, humor and class through it all.”

Terri Nunn - Berlin


“For that Second British Invasion of the 1980s Richard was our first landing stage, our inside man, our Ambassador for U.K. pop. Richard at the controls of his radio and TV shows opened the floodgates for a new tribe of bequiffed youth with swagger and songs, and we poured into the hearts of American kids, pretty in pink. His interview style was to be one of us and we were always comfortable with Richard hanging out on our tour bus, being back-stage or working one of those infamous 80s afterparties.  If there's a Go-To Man for the history 80's pop then Blade is it.”

Gary Kemp - Spandau Ballet

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